January 18, 2021 TArnoldi

The struggle with great ideas

How to deal with great ideas


Most of us have tried to get an idea, we truly believe it is a genius idea. We feel all giggly. We can’t wait to get started. We rush home to our workspace and start writing down the idea on paper or use our computer. We struggle to get the idea described as the way we thought of the idea. But then something happens. The genius idea doesn’t seem to be so great anymore. We discover that the idea has flaws, or it isn’t as wonderful as we thought.

What I discovered is that this always happens. Today I expect it to happen. And because I know it is coming, I have learned that this is a part of a process, and you just have to either ignore it or fight your way through it. And yes it is not easy, but when you know it is just a part of the process it gets easier to cope with. But sometimes the idea just dies, and you have to let go. But if you get better at handling this hurdle, you end up getting better results. So it didn’t end up being the greatest idea ever, but it is pretty good anyway. 

Recently I got some great advice. Instead of going for perfection, which could be translated to 100 %, aim for 70 %. Perfectionism is a utopia. It is unattainable and often leads to failure or a waste of time. It is never going to be perfect. 

So what are your experiences? Do you recognize the struggle? Or are you one of the lucky ones, who just glide through and end up with a perfect idea, the way you thought about it in the first place?


Cheers Thomas

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