This page showcases some motion design work I have done to experiment with different approaches to creating content for the web, whether it’s for TikTok, Instagram, or any other emerging platform. Some of these projects have even gone viral. It’s also a way for me to practice my skills and explore new methods of visual communication.

Engaging in this type of personal, experimental work serves multiple purposes. Firstly, it allows me to continuously develop and refine my motion design abilities. By stepping outside the constraints of commercial projects, I can freely experiment with techniques, styles, and creative concepts that push the boundaries of what’s possible. This process of exploration and skill-building ultimately enhances my overall capabilities as a motion designer.

Secondly, these personal projects can often lead to new ideas and inspiration for future commercial work. By tapping into my creativity and trying out novel approaches, I’m able to expand my creative repertoire and uncover unique visual solutions that I can then apply to client-driven projects. In a sense, this self-directed work serves as a creative incubator, allowing me to generate fresh ideas and perspectives that I can then present to clients as potential directions for their campaigns or content.

Finally, showcasing this experimental motion design work can be a valuable tool for demonstrating my versatility and creative vision to potential clients. By highlighting the range of techniques and styles I’m capable of, I’m able to give clients a better understanding of the creative possibilities I can bring to their projects. This, in turn, can help me secure new opportunities and foster stronger relationships with clients who appreciate my dedication to pushing the boundaries of motion design.

Overall, this page serves as a testament to my passion for the craft, my commitment to continuous learning and growth, and my ability to translate that creative exploration into impactful, engaging content for a variety of platforms and audiences.


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