February 2, 2021 TArnoldi

The curse of the clickbait

An emotional roller coaster

Is it just me, or are we living in a time, where hate, mistrust, and divisiveness are the new norm? Are we getting emotionally fucked by social media’s constant click baits, that thrive on our jealousy, anger, and hate? The only relief we can get is to watch cute kittens being best friends with dogs, just to give us an antidote to all the hatred. 

After being on this social media emotional roller coaster, I often just feel absolutely numb. 

It saddens me in a way, but do believe there is still hope. What I enjoy about social media is the possibility of exchanging ideas and thoughts in a grown-up manner, without emotional baggage. Reading responses from someone from the other side of the world with a different cultural background, you often realize you are not that different after all. 

My worry is that the emotional targeting clickbait method is becoming the established way to lure people to click on some link just to get a higher score on the click-counter, which I still think is absolutely worthless in the end.  (This is what happens when you let programmers rule the world ) It doesn’t create a better world. It just divides us even more. And it really saddens me, when I see established trustworthy news-media using the clickbait strategy, without any regard to facts; you know who you are. 

-According to new studies, your sex life improves with age.

– Orgasm, underrated or overrated.

-Do politicians have better sex than ordinary people…

-Have the lizard people stopped drinking children’s blood. George Clooney has the answer.


The worst part is that I sometimes get addicted to these emotional click baits. Often I have to tell myself to stop. I have to convince myself that it is not good for my soul. No more, go for a walk and look at the real world, which by the way is a planet, round in shape, part of the milky way which is part of the cosmos, who really doesn’t care if you give it a like at all. 



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