This price list should only be considered as a guidance.  Every project is different and has different challenges, which can vary the price. 

The pricelist is mostly focused on illustrations. A multimedia project with animations  is a whole different ball game. I have to know much more about what the project entails, before I can give you an estimate on how much it will cost.

I prefer to work with a fixed price, then I don’t have to focus on how many hours I spent working on a project and concentrate on getting the job done. But for smaller projects I am open to work counting the hours I spend.


Cheers Thomas


Usually at the beginning of a project, there is a need for some sketches to figure out which direction the style of the project is headed. A sort of a blueprint, to remove misunderstandings and to better come to an agreement. A sketch could also be a concept for an illustration or a rough storyboard for a multimedia project. Or the sketch could stand by it self.

For a sketch or more about : 53,60 €

Clean sketches

Lets say you like the sketch and want to use it for a project, magazine or online etc.
For a single clean drawing- about : 72 $

Simple coloring with computer

If you want me to ad simple colors to the illustration
For a single clean drawing – about : 87 $

Simple coloring and shaders with computer

If you want me to ad simple colors and shaders to the illustration
For a single clean sketch – about : 108 $

Detailed motifes with shading

If you want a full cover illustration, lets say for children book or a illustration you can print out and use as poster demands more work. This requires more hours of work. Of course it depends on the motive. And again the prize should only be considered as a guidance.
For a this kind of project I would say about : 108 – 578 $