Digital marketing

Lately, I have been working with digital marketing. I have looked into the secrets behind the hidden code. I know the reason why you see all those ads reminding you, that you googled “washing machine” because you were thinking about buying one.

It is the brave new world of digital marketing. Soon we will walk around with Virtual reality glasses instead of smartphones. And instead of looking at a screen, we see digital salespersons in 3D, trying to sell us washing machines,  who knows.


Underneath are some posters I have done for different projects.

Visual communication

We have come a long way since the days, where we got our information or entertainment  either through television, radio, magazines, and newspapers; or an occasional visit to the cinema. Today we have multible screens such as smartphones, tablets, computers you name it. Soon we all be talking to a screen with a smile on our refrigerator telling us that we are out of milk.

Personally, I think it is a great and exciting challenge to come up with creative ideas on how to deliver information using these different platforms. I think we only have scratched the surface.

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