Digital marketing

Social media marketing. At Illustreret Videnskab I was a part of a team using social media to promote Illustreret Videnskab. Tools used: Google Analytics, Google Ads, Facebook


Medical illustrations. Product presentations. Article illustrations. Character Design.  Infographic, etc. Tools used: 3d max, Premiere pro, After effects. Zbrush.

2D/3D animations

Animations for E-learning,  Explainer videos, etc.
Tools used: Animate, Premiere pro, After effects, Photoshop.


I studied all aspects of film production at NYU and School of Visual art. I worked in the film business for a while in New York. I have experience creating storyboards and manuscripts. I also worked as a gaffer and sometimes as a film photographer. I did a lot of film editing. Those days we used 16mm or 35mm film. Thank god we don’t have to do that anymore.

Afterward, I worked with e-learning for a while, where I did animations in Animate, formally known as Flash.

From then on I ventured more into working with 3D. I did a lot of work for different companies in the medical business.

Afterwards it was all about social media content and explainer videos, when I worked at Illustreret Videnskab and as a freelancer

Currently I am also doing a lot of illustrations and some animation for the younger generation.

But as I said before I love to work with visual storytelling and I am always up for the challenge.