Visual storyteller

On this site,  you can see some of the work I have done during the years working as a multimedia graphic designer, a media content producer, an illustrator, an animator, and a 3d generalist.

Here you will find examples of projects I have been working on for different clients, mixed with some personal projects.

I have worked with 3D and 2D animation, film editing, illustrations Explainer videos, E-learning, social media content, and more.


If you need someone with my skills, please feel free to contact me. You will find several options to contact me on this site.

Cheers Thomas.


Illustrations for the younger generation

Here are some examples of illustrations for children’s books. Monkeys at the office.


Previous experience E-learning / blended learning

I have worked on several e-learning projects, where I did a lot of 2d and 3d animations for Mærsk, Vestas, and Xportalen.


Digital marketing

Lately, I have been working with digital marketing. I have looked into the hidden secrets behind digital marketing. I know how machine learning, data, and algorithms can target customers on a smartphone. I know the reason why you see all those ads reminding you, that you googled “washing machine” because you were thinking about buying one. And I know why all of a sudden ads for a brand new washing machine pop up all over when you are on the internet reminding you that you need to buy one.

It is the brave new world of digital marketing. Soon we will walk around with Virtual reality glasses instead of smartphones. And instead of looking at a screen, we see digital salespersons in 3D, trying to sell us washing machines,  who knows.

Doodling or sketches

I confess I am addicted to doodling. Can’t help it. I love doodling as a creative process. You can also call it sketches, thoughts, and ideas.

I think doodling or sketching is a great way to share ideas. I often use sketches, when I do projects. If it is a storyboard or a visual idea, it is easier to point at a sketch than having to explain, which by the way is the gateway to misunderstandings.

Pia Patter, a side story

I posted it while there was a debate about a danish children’s program. Stories of a man and his very long penis. A lot of people were offended. Personally, I remember when I was a child if somebody said penis or tits I couldn’t stop laughing, but I didn’t know why.

Anyway, the post spread like wildfire on Facebook, which was kind of fun to watch. Some people thought it was for real. A children’s program about a woman and her long tits. How far out is that.


Underneath are some posters I have done for different projects.

Science / Medical

For a while, I did a lot of 3D animations and illustrations for different companies such as Coloplast and Novo Nordisk. Some of the work was for internal product development.


Visual communication

We have come a long way since the days, where the only way we got our information or entertainment was either through television, radio, magazines, and newspapers, or an occasional visit to the cinema. Today we are bombarded with different screens such as smartphones, tablets, computers you name it. Soon we all be talking to a screen on our refrigerator telling us that we are out of milk.

Personally, I think it is a great and exciting challenge to come up with creative ideas on how to
deliver information using these different platforms. I think we only have scratched the surface.


Thanks for the visit.